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Do you know of anyone who has ever sucessfully built source for an 'Open Source' web browser?

Do you know of anyone who has ever sucessfully built source for an

I post discoveries as I go through the process of building a Web Browser from the public project source code. I am working with a null hypothesis, which is that A. it will not be possable to sucessfully build the code. Seriously.

If you are reading this please take a look at the (click here, it opens in a new window) graphic attached to this post (click). I ask you to please notice the references to the Google Locations Service API KEY (Application Programming Interface KEY), before it errors out because it wants 'autoconf' version 2.13.

Notice how Google Location Serice; the logic that provides the geographic location of the computer, is part of the Browser build. Not an add-on or optional component, it is hard coded into the Browser.

This is Mozillas code for several Mozilla based browsers including FireFox.



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